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Our TV listing API provides developers with access to TV Media’s television listings data, programming information, series and episodic descriptions and more.

All of our TV Listing API plans include a free trial period and plans are scaled to provide a commercial solution for app developers that fits with their user base and app needs.

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U.S. & Canadian TV data

Access channel lineups and television programming information for antenna, cable, satellite and IPTV providers across the United States and Canada.

14 days of TV guide data

TV Media maintains a database of TV listing and television information and allows developers to access up to 14 days of guide data and television listings.

Up-to-date programming information

Get the most accurate movies and TV listings available. Our programming information is updated every two hours to provide you with up-to-date guide data.

TV Listing API Features and Data Points

Channel and Television Service Provider Lineups

TV Media maintains a database of television service providers available in Canada and the U.S, with this data we are able to provide the channel lineup data for cable, satellite, antenna and IPTV providers. These lineups are regularly updated to reflect their most recent channel and broadcasting information.

By entering a postal code, you are able to access all the lineups available for that area.

With this list of channel lineups, you are able to find all the channels in the lineup, see the TV listings for the lineup and filter listings based on date and time.

TV Stations

Using our TV Station APIs allows you to get complete broadcast information for a channel. Station APIs provide you with a channel position/number within a lineup, the station type, the call sign, as well as the station logos.

Developers can also access complete guide information for individual stations allowing them to provide listings to users based on the TV station and broadcast dates. Station listings can be filtered on date, time and program genres.

TV Series and Episodes

Find extended programming information for TV series using our Series APIs. This API lets you find a TV series by show name or by TV Media’s unique series ID. With this information you can return a collection of seasons and episodes for the series.

Our Series APIs will also let you access program artwork, episodic images, and cast information for each season and episode.

Celebrity and People Data

Our People APIs provide access to celebrity and TV personality data, including biographies, awards, IMDB IDs, social media accounts and celeb photos*.

Find current and upcoming TV listings that a person may be in by actor name or actor ID or specific details about a person starring in a TV show, including celebrity appearances on talk shows.

*Celebrity photos are available with extended licenses. Please contact us to discuss.

Leagues, Teams and Sports Listings

Our Sports API gives developers access to sports listings for up to the next 14 days. You can access sports listings by searching for teams, leagues, sport type or event type.

We’ve also made current league and team logos available to you through the API.

Movie Database

Access our powerful movie database — including movies airing on television and the movie’s listing details.

Our Movie APIs allow you to access descriptions, runtime, release dates, production notes, genres, star ratings and cast information.

With our pro plan you have access to movie posters, stills and actor photos.

Sample Plan

For getting your feet wet


per month
  • 50 calls/month
  • Access to lineup operations only
  • 24 hours of programming info
  • Non-commercial use only

Intro Plan

Excellent for small websites


per month
  •  1,000 API calls/month
  • TV Listing and Station APIs
  • 5 days of programming info
  • Commercial use

Pro Plans

Ideal for developers and TV sites

From $750

per month
  • from 20,000 API calls/month
  • All API endpoints and artwork
  • 14 days of programming info
  • SLA Guarantee

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