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TV Listing Products by Industry

TV Media's wide range of products and services are guaranteed to provide you with the TV listing and entertainment content you need for your industry. Our flexibility and experienced staff offer a customized experience that can easily integrate within your existing workflow.

Products for Print and Digital Publishers

    TV Listings for newspapers
  • Produced, printed and delivered by TV Media, our opt-in TV guide provides your readers and avertisers with an exciting new product.
  • Weekly TV books are the cornerstone of TV Media. With over 400 books published each week, this product is a staple for readers and a successful revenue-generating vehicle.
  • Add our customized daily TV grids or editorial features to your publication for value-added content.
  • Our themed TV sections, like Holiday TV and Olympic Guide, provide valuable content to your readers and create a new source of ad revenue for you.
  • Increase your website traffic by adding a comprehensive TV listing portal which includes our entertainment content and localized listings.
  • Adding mobile TV listings offers easy-to-read content and data to your readers from any device.

Are you a publisher?

With more than 20 years in the publishing industry, TV Media knows which TV listings solutions will work best for you and what your readers will love.

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Cable/ IPTV/ Satellite Industry Solutions

    TV listings for Cable providers
  • Integrate accurate, reliable data feeds with your middleware solution and power your on-screen electronic programming guides (EPGs).
  • Let your site's visitors browse your website while providing reliable listing information with any of our widgets and snippets.
  • Complement your on-screen guides with our web applications providing your users with second screen options and entertainment.
  • Reach out to your subscribers by providing them with a printed TV book, customized with your local lineups and entertainment highlights.

TV Networks, Stations and Shows

    TV Station and Network TV Listing Solutions
  • Help your fans easily find your show in their local listings with our Station Widgets.
  • Give viewers access to your programming by showing them what's playing now, what's coming up next and what's on deck for the rest of the week.
  • Mobile-friendly TV listings are a great feature to add to your existing mobile websites and apps.
  • Contact us to ensure we have the most up-to-date programming schedules for your station.

Want More Web Traffic?

Adding TV listing widgets to your website will not only increase traffic but will help retain visitors and allow your website to be the primary destination on their second screen.

Lightweight code is easy to embed on any site, and is styled with CSS.

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Online Content and Service Providers

  • EPG data feeds allow you to build your own custom TV listing solution, power your applications and provide users with accurate, reliable television listing data.
  • TV Listing Solutions for Websites
  • Create a TV listing section on your website by including our listings portal.
  • Mobile-friendly TV listings are a great solution for your sites and apps.
  • Use our TV Listing APIs to power your apps and websites. Take our API services for a test drive with an evaluation license.
  • At-a-glance TV widgets embedded on your website offer dynamic content with flexibility and customization.

Hospitality Industry

  • Complement and power your on-screen guide by integrating EPG data feeds, online listings and entertainment content to your rooms.
  • Localized TV widgets embedded on your website allow guests to easily find what's on TV when they're visiting.
  • Help your guests settle in by leaving channel charts in their rooms.