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TV Media’s team of dedicated journalists compile weekly and daily packages comprised of more than 15 different columns and stories, accompanied by full-color art. Keep your readers up to date with feature-length stories, soap re-caps, family highlights, celebrity news and more. Entertain them with late-night monologue jokes, as well as puzzles and games like crosswords and sudoku.

When it comes to what’s on, we’ve got you covered! Our graphic designers can liven up your pages and our editorial team will provide you with news that your readers will love to read in every issue.

  • Our editorial features can be used to bolster your online content
  • Choose from our wide selection of more than 15 columns and stories
  • Add soap opera updates, celebrity news or video releases to your entertainment section
  • We offer unique columns covering reality shows and streaming content like Hulu and Netflix
  • Our sports column features profiles, the week’s top highlight, or maybe a little history.

Our Writers Love This Stuff

Feature Stories

We go in-depth with the week’s most talked-about and highly anticipated shows.

Hollywood Q&A

Readers’ burning questions are answered every week in this long-running favorite feature.

Daily TV Best Pick

The day’s best picks, as chosen by our team of editors.

Late Laughs

The week’s best jokes from the top late-night comedians.

Real Talk

Each week we cover one or more reality shows hitting their high.

Best Bets

A selection of the week’s best picks as chosen by our editors.

Sports Feature

A weekly look ahead at the week’s biggest sports stories.

Soap Opera Updates

Catch up with this weekly recap of your favorite soaps.

Family Favourites

Offer your readers the lighter side of television with this listing of family-oriented favorites.

On Demand

Find out about the next binge-watch-worthy hit coming to streaming services like Hulu and Netfix.

Cover Story

An in-depth story on the hottest TV show of the week.

Stars on Screen

Celebrity scoop focusing on a variety of Hollywood and television news.

Taste TV

Give readers a yummy treat with this food-themed TV feature.

Celebrity Profile

Each week we present a short biography of a star, along with quotes and trivia.

Puzzles and Games

Puzzles like crosswords and sudoku, that are fun for readers and add value for advertisers.

Fits With Your Publication

If you already have entertainment features, use our flexible content to supplement that. Should you need a ready-to-wear entertainment guide, we can get you rolling in no time!

Stress-Free Content

We do all the heavy lifting. On a schedule tailored to you with custom content, you can spend time selling ad space instead of time spent in layout.