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TV Listing books are a hit with readers and publishers.

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High Quality TV Listing Books

Custom-designed to meet your requirements, TV entertainment books and magazines are the cornerstone of what TV Media does everyday.

We can deliver these weekly, bi-weekly or monthly to match your press specifications. Our grids provide readers with the most accurate listings bundled into an eye-catching entertainment package.

Our creative team builds each book to suit your needs, with special attention to fonts, images and graphic design – it all comes together in a perfect package designed with your readers in mind.

  • Custom sizes and page counts
  • Place ads virtually anywhere
  • Puzzles and games available
  • In-depth entertainment features
  • Press-ready formats
  • Weekly, biweekly and monthly delivery available

What We Do Best

Accurate TV listings

TV Media’s editors are continuously updating TV schedules. Our team works hard to bring you the most current listing information available.

Ready-for-print formats

TV grids sent to you daily as PDF, EPS, or any other format you need. If you have a challenging layout, get in touch!

Daily Delivery

Never miss a day of listings. You can download from TV Media’s easy-to-use website, or have us upload files to a location of your choice.

Custom Channel Lineups

Get in touch with TV Media’s production department to make sure your books have the channels you want and lists what your readers watch.


Many advertisers position themselves in our books near related content. A restaurant near the food article or a hardware store near the home and garden listings.


Regular delivery of articles and puzzles alongside TV listings gets advertising seen. Readers really do look for the book.


If you already have entertainment features, use our flexible content to supplement that. Should you need a ready-to-wear entertainment guide, we can get you rolling in no time!


We do all the heavy lifting. On a schedule tailored to your needs with custom content, you can spend time selling ad space instead of time spent in layout.

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