Olympic Games TV Listings

Ready-to-sell feature ad space for all the world to see
Between cheers of victory and the hush that can fall over a crowd, the world comes together in these moments shared around the globe. Our Olympic Guide showcases all of the  games coverage with expanded profiles and striking photos to inspire your readers, young and old. Your local advertisers will be able to celebrate alongside you and your readers.


  • Full sport listings for your area
  • ‘Who to Watch’ profiles with crisp photos
  • 16 pages of color with plenty of ad space
  • Ready-for-print, but you can customize all you like

Watch for news about the next Olympic Guide!

Olympic Guide FAQ

What exactly does the Olympic tv guide content consist of?

The sixteen pages will consist of comprehensive television listings for your market showcasing all the Olympic programming from August 5 th 2016 to August 21 st 2016. Each program will include time, date and network. The additional pages will consist of ‘Who to Watch’ athlete profiles, editorials and photos related to the Rio 2016 Summer Olympic Games, as well plenty of ad space for increased revenue.

When is delivery of Olympic Guide

TV Media anticipates the Olympic Guide being made available for download on January 23, 2018.

What size and formats are you delivering the publication in?

Pages will be designed in tabloid size blocks of 10” x 10”, suitable for any small tab or broadsheet. The document will be available in InDesign CS3 or as PDF files. The raw content will also be made available (text files, jpeg photos). All pages are provided in color which is easily transitioned to B&W as necessary.

Can the content be customized?

Yes, all content may be edited and downsized should the desired final page count fall under 16. After we deliver the 16 professionally-designed pages, it is up to your in-house design team to customize the content to your liking. Feel free to edit and re-design to your own specifications.

Must we print the photo credits?

Yes, all photo credits, as they appear in the publication, must be published.

Can any of the content be printed elsewhere in our newspaper or specialty magazines?

No, the content supplied is strictly licensed for Olympic Guide.

When must we commit and how are we invoiced?

Payments must be received no later than January 15, 2018.